Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland


Recent Activities

January 2019

Amy Wachs Speaking
Marlene Englander and Paul Wolf
receiving Outstanding Member awards
for their work on our new website
Marilyn Baskin, Murray Davis, and Pamela Turner
being thanked for their service at the end of their terms on our Board.
Amy Wachs speaking about life in Eastern Europe

DNA sessions - November, 2018

Sylvia Abrams with Lara Diamond
and Sue Greenberg.
Lara Diamond addresses a full house
during the DNA 101 event.
Lara Diamond and Paul Wolf
share DNA stories at Dinner event.

October 2018

  Patricia Edmonson discussing
using clothing clues in genealogy research
and photo preservation

Cuyahoga County Archives - August 2018 JGSC Field trip and September, 2018 Grand Opening

  Attendees getting an overview during the Field Trip Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Grand Opening