Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland


Research Requests

Members of the Society are happy to assist out-of-town researchers trying to locate their Cleveland roots. Our research committee members guide researchers to institutions, web sites, and other resources to find genealogical information.

When writing us with a question, please download and fill out our Research Request Form, and attach the completed form to your e-mail. Send the form and your message to our Research Chair at

The last two items on the form:

  • "What resources have you used specific to what you already have/know?" and
  • "What documented information do you already have?"

are vital so that we do not duplicate work you've already done. Since the form is a word processor document, feel free to supply as much information as possible. The spaces will expand as you type.

We are willing to do up to one hour's worth of free research. If you would like to make a donation in appreciation, please note the reason, and send a check payable to JGS of Cleveland to:

  • Marilyn Baskin, Treasurer
  • Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland
  • 32850 Jackson Road
  • Moreland Hills, OH 44022

or utilize PayPal, by clicking on the button below.