Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland


Caring for Family Treasures

During the August 3, 2022 webinar "Caring for Family Treasures", Holly Witchey, the speaker, offered to supply a series of documents describing ways to care for various types of items and materials.

She forwarded them to the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland, and we have added them to our website.

The following documents may be downloaded for personal use.

  1. AIC-Conservation-Reference-Book-list.pdf
  2. Architecture.pdf
  3. Books.pdf
  4. Documents-and-Paper.pdf
  5. Furniture.pdf
  6. Glass-and-Ceramics.pdf
  7. ICA-Paper-Conservation-Resources-2021-.pdf
  8. Matting-and-Framing.pdf
  9. Metal-Objects.pdf
  10. Notes-on-Caring-for-Tools.pdf
  11. Paintings.pdf
  12. Photographs.pdf
  13. Textiles.pdf
  14. Videotape.pdf