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Webinars conducted by the JGS of Cleveland

Under normal circumstances, The Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland (JGSC) meets monthly and features speakers who focus on different areas of interest to Jewish genealogy. Our monthly Meetings are normally held at either Menorah Park or Park Synagogue East, unless otherwise noted. The schedule is subject to change due to constraints such as national or religious holidays, availability of meeting spaces, or speakers' availability. Thirty minutes before each meeting, designated members are available to assist with research issues. Meetings are typically free and open to members, their guests and other interested persons. Unless specifically noted, reservations are not necessary.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we suspended our regular "in person" meetings after the meeting held on March 4, 2020, and replaced the "in person" meetings and programs with "Virtual" meetings and programs conducted as "webinars" each month. Our monthly Virtual meetings / webinars are still typically free and open to the public, subject to the constraints of the virtual meeting system we utilize (ZOOM).  We usually hold the meetings on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00 pm local time in Cleveland, Ohio (Eastern time zone). In order to conduct the meetings securely, we now require advance reservations by all who wish to attend. To request a reservation, send an email to, with your name,  your full mailing address, and your email address., and specify which session you wish to attend.

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Webinars conducted by other organizations

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