Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland


Harvard Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Cleveland's Slavic Village neighborhood at 5903 Harvard Avenue opposite East 59th Street. Also known as the "Old Russian Cemetery" or Ohavu Amunah Cemetery, the cemetery was established around 1891. This cemetery backs up to Lansing Cemetery but there is no direct access between them. Harvard Cemetery should not be confused with the city-owned Harvard Grove Cemetery, which it also abuts. That cemetery's entrance is on Lansing Ave, just east of the Lansing Cemetery, which it also abuts.) Heights Jewish Center is the current owner and administrator of Harvard Cemetery. The cemetery has 751 community members buried there who were affiliated with either Heights Jewish Center or Ohave Emmuna of Russian Israelites.The cemetery was vandalized more than once recently. and most headstones are now maintained flat, rather than upright.. Heights Jewish Center Synagogue has a card file of burials. A number of old sandstone headstones are now illegible due to weathering.