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The Jewish Independent was an English-language weekly newspaper published in Cleveland from 1906 to 1964.
Maurice Weidenthal, of the Plain Dealer, became its editor a few weeks after it was established.

When he died in 1917, he was succeeded by his brother, Leo, who managed the paper for nearly 50 years.

This database is mainly composed of extracts of vital information from obituaries.

Pre 1906 information mostly comes from the Jewish Review & Observer, another weekly, which began publication in 1899. Post 1964 information was extracted from The Cleveland Jewish News.

This database covers about 1898-1982. It evolved as it grew - therefore not every single entry coincides with an obituary.

Among other information, the Western Reserve Historical Society's Cleveland Jewish Archives includes two databases described below, which would be of interest to those doing genealogical research:

The information from these two databases is now indexed with that from many others,
in the WRHS Genealogy Index, which can be accessed here: WRHS Genealogy Index.

To get a copy of the obituary
you're interested in, contact either of the following:

Cleveland Public Library Microform Center
325 Superior
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
(216) 623-2910

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Western Reserve Historical Society
Attn: Reference Division
10825 East Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Abbreviations used in the database:

BBH = Fir or Lansing Cemetery
CSE = Chesed Shel Emeth
MOH = Montefiore Old Home
KI = Kneseth Israel
OOH = Orthodox Old Home

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