Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland


How to Join the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland (JGSC)

Membership is based on a calendar year.

For New members joining the Society between July 1 and September 30,
membership will extend only until the end of December.

For New members joining the Society after September 30,

There are additional levels of annual membership for those who are able to make tax-deductible gifts to help support the work of JGSC.



  1. Download the Membership Form [pdf]
  2. Complete the Membership Form either online, or by hand
    1. Online:
      1. Open the form in your PDF reader program and fill it in.
      2. Save the completed form.
    2. By Hand:
      1. Print the membership form.
      2. Complete the form.
  3. Submit payment for the annual membership fee:
    1. Online:
      1. Select a membership level, click on the button and follow the instructions from PayPal
        (Please make sure you include your full name and your phone number, when you send your dues this way.)
        Membership levels for NEW Members
      2. If you completed the Membership Form by hand, scan and save it as a PDF.
      3. Email your completed membership form to
    2. By Mail:
      • Mail a copy of your membership form and a check payable to JGS of Cleveland to:
        • Linda Schoenberg, Treasurer
        • Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland
        • 27100 Cedar Road
        • Beachwood, OH 44122